Slime Recordings UK
Materia - Atlas (full length album - vinyl/CD/digital)


mu-sic Recordings UK
[sic] - Protect and Serve (Original & Materia remix

Primal Recordings UK
Materia - Supernatural + Jay FM and Mantra Flow remixes

PR Records Sweden
Materia - Rolling Down + Håkan Lidbo remix

Slime Recordings UK
Materia - Komatiite + Wascal remix


Whitelabel Sweden
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Dansmusik (Materia remix)

Dubkraft Spain
Materia & Alien Pimp - Gainomax
Materia - Strangefunk (Volatil remix)

Drawn Recordings UK
Materia - Razorball / Underfall

Slime Recordings UK
Materia - Core Foundation / No Angels

PR Records Sweden
Lab Wizard - Why Pretend (Materia Tropical mix)

Safehouse Management UK
Ten Years At Space - The Revolution: Carl Cox
Includes Response (previously released on Lowbit Records UK)

Aenaria Music Italy
Materia & Microphunk - Deep Sensation

Indigo Records Australia
Materia - Move By Will + remixes

Aenaria Music Italy
Houseriders & Microphunk - Close Your Eyes (Materia remix)

Dubkraft/False Flag Spain
Materia - Strangefunk

Mystery Train Belarus
Materia - M4 + remixes

Indigo Records Australia
PVS - Peklow (Materia remix)

Heartbeats UK
Materia & Sebastian Aav - Southbound

Disk Famous Colombia
Ivan Bryuler - Train Ride (Materia's Metro Train remix)

Lowbit Records UK
Materia - Response / Incognito


PR Records Sweden
Lab Wizard - Need You This Time (Materia remix)

Airline Recordings Hungary (ALN002)
Materia - Long Dawn / Eastern Falls

Slime Recordings UK
Materia - Get Out + Dekoy remix / No Doubt in My Mind / Snowfunk

Distinctive Records (DISN194)
Boom Jinx - Come On Over (Materia remix)

PR Records Sweden (PRREC068)
A.G.M. & Quintrix - Es Posible (Materia remix)

PR Underground Sweden (PRREC061)
Materia & Shift Lock - Peak

476 Digital Sweden
Psilodump - Somnambulist (Materia remix)


PR Records Sweden (PRREC039)
Southsiders - Lies (Materia remix)

PR Records Sweden (PRREC034)
Houseclap - deBaser (Materia Diskotek remix)

IDJ Recordings Canada (iDJREC029)
Materia - Hallucinations / Northern Spirit


Climate Recordings Australia (CLIMATE005)
Milo & Materia - Third Phase


Earlier release history on request